Mission Statement

CASS was founded with one goal in mind: to support the people and places that make safe, timely, compassionate abortion care possible. We seek to promote equitable abortion access by connecting abortion providing sites to committed healthcare professionals, offering targeted technical assistance to both sites and abortion care job seekers, and supporting abortion providing sites in creating fulfilling and equitable work environments.


We believe that…

Everyone, no matter their zip code, financial status, race, gender-identity, or sexual orientation, deserves access to exceptional abortion care. 

Exceptional abortion care happens because of exceptional healthcare professionals.

All healthcare professionals offering abortion care deserve safe, supportive, and healthy work environments.

Supported healthcare professionals are the key to satisfied patients.

The Team

Samantha Rodriguez

Senior Specialist, CASS

Mary Frank, MsC

Lead, CASS

Amber Dyett

Program Manager, CASS

Our Partners