Mission Statement

CASS works to expand abortion access by registering job seekers and job sites and introducing registered health care professionals to job sites (e.g. abortion-providing clinics, health centers and, virtual practices) throughout the abortion ecosystem. We offer targeted technical assistance to individual job seekers and to sites that are hiring. We also strive to support the development of more equitable work environments, by encouraging the use of salary transparency, and other equitable hiring practices.


We believe:

  • All abortion-providing clinics, health centers and virtual practices should strive to develop more equitable work environments that are inclusive, diverse and use anti-racist frameworks
  • Exceptional abortion care happens because of exceptional healthcare professionals
  • Supported healthcare professionals are the key to supported patients
  • All healthcare professionals deserve safe, supportive, and healthy work environments
  • In a workforce that is diverse, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist
  • Everyone deserves access to high-quality abortion care

The Team

Mary Frank, M.Sc

Lead, CASS

Arleatha Nichols


Samantha Rodriguez

Senior Specialist, CASS

Our Partners